The trend item we recommend today is a pilot's jacket. The history of the pilot's jacket goes back to World War I, when the cockpit of the fighter jet was generally uncapped, and the knee-length leather coat became the main outfit for the pilot to keep warm. After World War I, people found the inconvenience of the long coat, so they shortened the style and had a pilot's jacket.


The A-1 jacket, which was introduced in 1927, was the U.S. Army's earliest applied aviator jacket. It is characterized by a button design at the front of the door and on both sides of the pocket, to prevent strong wind from pouring into the body, the hem, neckline and cuff are made of knitted fabric to make it fit well into the body.


Now the A-1 jacket, many of which are made of nylon or suede fabric, has a variety of material and color options to make the wearer look more comfortable and decent. With a slick cut, it's the best choice for business people.


The A-1 jacket was officially launched in 1931 after a successful water trial. The biggest difference between the jacket and the A-1 is that the zipper design replaces the button design, changing from the original knitted vertical collar to the shirt-style lapel to keep it warm and easy to wear.


In addition, the A-2 jacket added shoulder straps to the shoulder, with the pocket using an inner button and even a satin lining, which made the wearer look more decent and sophisticated. So in the early days of World War II, the A-2 was largely distributed to flight officers.


Today's A-2 jacket also has a classic lapel and shoulder design, in addition to the business function, with it with overalls, Martin boots, but also easy to create a cool and handsome male image.


Another classic aviator jacket, the B-3 jacket, came out when the G-1 jacket was on fire. It's a'bomber' jacket specially designed for high-altitude flights, which allows for an outturned fur collar to be erected when worn, and a two-thong collar to tighten the neckline to prevent the wind from pouring in from the neckline.


In addition, the cuffs and hems have an out-turned edge design, the hems have a tight belt to adjust the left and right, the clothes have an oblique pocket to help warm hands, sleeves can also be rolled to adjust the length, all the seams of the clothes have been strengthened with a cowhide strip, these designs can be seen to be very warm.


The B-3 jacket is also a favorite of many people nowadays, with men, women and children everywhere on the street. One good thing about this jacket is that it doesn't have to be difficult to match it.


As a result of the emergence of jets, the flight was raised to higher airspace, in 1955, the famous MA-1 flight jacket was born. This jacket is more comfortable and durable to adapt to all kinds of climate change. Using nylon fabric, wool collar, the interior design is mostly eye-catching orange, convenient for pilots to wear the jacket back for help after the plane crashed.


There will be a combination pocket and double-sided zipper on the left arm of the jacket, which can hold more than two pens to facilitate the pilot to calibrate the position on the drawing at any time. Until now, this practical design has been reserved for many flight suits.


The MA-1 jacket is also a favorite of current street fashionistas, with no locked fur collar trim and a knitted neckline handy for matching hoodies, even with a simple T-shirt or shirt to easily show off your trendy youth side.


After continuous improvement, the aviator jacket is no longer a single style, has been adjusted in color and fabric, and the design is more in line with the current trend, making the wearer more sophisticated and fashionable.


Street cool gai wyfan wearing a flying jacket with a baseball cap to the airport, his look can be said to be the standard pair of flying jacket, very worthy of get.


Dressed in an orange aviator jacket with a black vest and pants, Zhang's ensemble took the look to the extreme. To break the gloom in winter, learn to concave shape with a bright coat with Zhang Yixing.


Shortly before Xiao, wearing a star jacket and matching black shirt trousers, appeared at the Starlight Awards, and the embroidery design on the jacket made Xiao look both gentle and expensive.


Wang Yibo wore gold embroidery, white shirt, black collar knot some time ago, with the noble gentleman's temperament to show the starlight big appreciation stage, super classic jacket wear, this shape you love?


From Li's private street shooting, he is really frugal, jacket, down jacket and other items are often worn for two or three years. However, will not affect his handsome appearance, will be the family of the boyfriend.


The pilot's jacket comes with a sun-kissed, hard-nosed taste and is a great autumn and winter option for those who aren't used to wearing a coat windbreaker. Style style, Man flavor is full, short design can also play the visual effect of elongated legs. After watching the above street shooting and modeling, did you find your own pilot's jacket?

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